Monday, August 3, 2009

Dinner at the Peck House

Tonight I had dinner with another "Foodie" friend. We were talking about food, of course. I told her that it was so great because we remember events by the food that left an impression on us. We find it fun to talk seasonings, cooking methods, taste. Most people would not understand. Our conversation was as juicy as the steak and in some cases just as rare. From politics, to twitter, to forwarded e-mails with misinformation that just make us mad.

Then she told me it wasn't the food, nor the conversation that she enjoyed as just being in the company of others. Company. Now that's an interesting word with so many different meanings. Haven't you heard that the English language is one of the hardest languages to learn?

I'm assuming that she meant friendship, companionship, a state of being together, not a corporation, business, firefighter, theater troupe, ballet group.

Here is another diversion. Company can mean visitor, guest.

Makes me wonder. Aren't we all visitors to each other's mind or someone's guest in their life?We certainly have very little shared time. Most of our time is spent within our own mind. Even asleep, we dream within our own mind. Maybe that's why we crave a little time with another mind, conversation that leads to other ideas. More interesting than with just ourself.

Now tomorrow when I have leftovers from the Peak House, if you can call that delicious steak - left overs- memories of conversations, the full moon just peaking over the mountain, will come flooding back in a warmth of friendship and sharing. Yes, I may just be a visitor or guest in your mind, but thank you for having me.

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