Monday, October 12, 2009

The Spice Trader

Take a trip around the world. Just close your eyes and take a bite from one of the twelve Spice Trader's Artisan Chocolate Collection. Your trip begins!

Scott Goeringer, second generation candy maker and award winning chef from Georgetown, Colorado, has an ethereal affair with chocolate. Inspired by his time abroad, a deep love of history and a touch of the artist, Goeringer has perfected and is still creating masterpieces combining spices and chocolate.

Take a bite of the Aztec Tiles and picture yourself sitting with Montezuma in Mexico sipping the first known xocolatl drink as a tribute to the goddess of fertility, Xochiquetzal. It is a slightly bitter, spiritual drink, whipped to froth with just a hit of hot chili.

Another wonderful bit of romance happens as you savor the Chocolate de Provence. Imagine the salty Mediterranean Sea and thoughts of a young Italian, Giacomo Casanova, the world’s greatest lover comes to mind. Rosemary and lavender reminiscent of intricate lace and smooth velvet. Sea salt and  slight mustard tang add a sprit of adventure.

Wander the world. Visit China with Beijing Bites and a lingering flavor of five spice; Dip next door into India, and  taste the cardamom and ginger of New Delhi Melts. Chase that with the melt in your mouth Chai Chocolate Chews as a cup of tea fills your mind. Let your thoughts soar to the heights of Mt. Everest as the Sherpa’s Secret is revealed through Goji Berry and Shichimi Togoarashi.
Down to sea level again, imagine the exotic dances of Thailand, as you taste the curry, cashew and coconut of the Siam Bar. Then onto the ancient exotic beauty and culture of the Persian Rose, a white vanilla chocolate, fennel, hibiscus salt, orange peel and tiny rose petals. Truly an exquisite mix of taste, beauty and romance.

Heat up your life as you garner the Marrakech Marvels, with their Moroccan spice blend. Sail across the Straights of Gibraltar to Spain and make your way through the saffron and anise vanilla Valencian fudge.

Come on home with the early explorers. Spice up your palette with pink peppercorn and citrus in Sir Lancaster’s Lovelies. He was reputed to the first to sail around Africa and established the lucrative East India Trading Company. Now it’s time to return home with Captain Cook’s Compulsion, settle back in your easy chair; explore your own craving for chocolate with aromatic spices, citrus and chili.

Did you have a great trip? You can savor a repeat trip whenever you want. The Georgetown Valley Candy Company is as near as your computer or a short scenic drive up in the mountains on I-70W to exit #228. or 303 569-2778.