Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ah, It's Wintertime in the Mountains

     It's snowing here and the temperature is 3 degrees. I'm inside and the temperature is trying to stay at 66 degrees. Luc is snuggling close by my side in the chair to keep warm. He wears his red plaid fleece coat, runs outside, does his stuff and hobbles back sometime when he stays to long and his paws hurt.  "Gives Luc a concerned look"

     What? I'm still talking about loving winter? Yep! Don't know why? It is so beautiful. Sort of like coming out of a sauna and hitting a cold shower. Invigorating as long as you don't have to stay outside in it too long.

     Since I haven't traveled anywhere since my "sister trip" several years ago, I'm feeling old and comfortable. I'd love to visit Alice in San Diego, my son in  Corona and Disneyland again, my sis in Martinez with Peitr, another look at Lake Superior in Little Girl's Point and Bayfield, a trip to my Dad's gravesite in Roberts, Il with my cousins there, make a long trip through the South, spend time in New England, especially Maine... 
     Ah, dreams. Most of all, I'll love to spend months in Northern Italy and Southern France. 
     Maybe I'll just think of all my old memories in places I have visited and people I love, then dream what it might be like for places that I haven't. 
     So for this Holiday Season, I'll enjoy my decorating my home, my daughter and her family, my friends and relatives everywhere and most of all Luc, my long haired Chihuahua.