Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crispness of early morning.

My sister in Northern California stays up late and gets up late. For me, I'm light sensitive and awake when the sun comes up. Makes it really hard to call her in the morning for I'm in Colorado and one hour later. From 6 am until 9:30-10 am, I'm watching the clock tick slowly around. I'm afraid I'll get busy and forget to call her and sometimes I do. Then when I can't wait any longer, I'll call only to find, yes once again, I woke her up. She's grumpy when she first gets up. Damn! Oh, well.

I'm happy when I get up, my little long-haired Chihuahua, Luc's tail is wagging, and he's smiling too. Sometimes, if I don't just jump out of bed, he'll come up and give me a quick, dry lick. Always makes me smile. We have our routine. Potty first for both of us, make the bed, open the drapes and windows, get dressed (me not Luc,) down the stairs, dish out Luc's dry food with a little hot water to make it softer, espresso machine engaged. Then with coffee in hand I'll read for a while by the bay window or turn on the computer to see my Twitter world, check my E-mail and Facebook. Sometimes I'll turn on the TV for the news. Then out to water my plants, tiny green lawn and let Luc do his sniffing, and other necessities. I'd say poop, but one of my friends tells me I'm obsessed with that word. My favorite swear word is, sh#%! Maybe I'll use the word, Ka Ka. Ha.

Here in this narrow valley surrounded by mountains at 8,500 feet, the sun rises in the West. I mean I watch the sun catch the top of the mountain to the west first then slowly light up the mountain downward. The sun doesn't hit my south-facing deck until after 10 am. The early morning air is crisp and wet, sometimes just plain cold. It smells green to me in the morning. In the afternoon heat, the wonderful smells of pines fills the air as the sap rises in the huge trees around my house.

When I first moved to this small town, I was walking around the lake, tears dripping down my checks, despondent about moving from my horse farm in Oregon and my life there, thinking what a bad mistake I'd made by moving here. Thunder started over the mountain and a few huge drops joined the ones on my cheeks. Turning to get back to the house, I looked up to see a light show in progress. The setting sun has turned the tops of the mountain a golden rose color under the dark gray storm clouds. Thunder was roaring and lightning was flashing in a wild and furious dance on the mountain top that I'd never seen before. Then I knew why I was here. My soul has always lived here in the mountains around Georgetown, Colorado. I'd just come back to reclaim it.

Only one of my friends is an early riser like me but she has to go to work early. So I'm into enjoying myself and my dog for hours before anyone else gets up. Now I'm really excited because I have this blog and can talk to you. Thanks for being there for me.

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